DOPPLER’s employees are not only the driving force of the company, but, also, the reason of its successful development until now. The workforce of the company consists of highly educated people with experience in multiple sectors. Thus, we insist on creating a working environment, in which all employees will be respected, their personal contribution within the company will be recognized and the continuous personal development will be supported.

Therefore, we constantly search to recruit people, who will share the same values with us and can work with our team. A key strength of our future employee will be to make the most of their talents and actively contribute to the achievement of our goals. What is more, we seek for people who will be enthusiastic about their work and will be self motivated for further development. In DOPPLER we take for granted the equal opportunities policy, according to which there will be no discriminations and equal opportunities as well as fair treatment for all will be ensured.

In case there are no job openings, you can send us your CV at, in order to be registered in our database

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