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Every transfer is pleasant and enjoyable.

Cutting-edge technology, innovative, attractive designs and colors, reliable and almost silent operation, safe demarcation line, and a unique mechanism for quick and easy resolution of any errors are all factors that make up a perfect result.

DOPPLER’s escalators minimize the distances and create “visual bridges” between different areas since they perfectly align with the environment in high-rise shops, large shopping centers, airports, and railway stations.


Set up

Single Unit

The single unit is a simple application to link two levels. It is suitable for buildings with passenger traffic flowing mainly in one direction. Flexible adjustment to traffic flow is possible.

Interrupted & Parallel (one & two way traffic)

The parallel interrupted arrangement is used mainly in department stores and public transport buildings with a heavy traffic volume. When there are three or more escalators, it should be possible to reverse the traveling direction according to the traffic flow.

Continuous (one-way traffic)

The continuous arrangement is practiced mainly in smaller department stores to link three sales levels. It requires more space than the interrupted arrangement.

Crisscross, Continuous (two-way traffic)

The continuous crisscross arrangement is used mainly in major department stores, public buildings, and public transport buildings where transport times between several levels need to be at minimum levels.

Our escalator models

Range of application

DHS 200-30 K

Public Traffic
DHS 200-30

0.5 m/s

35 – 30 degrees, H <6 m

0.5 – 0.65 m/s

23.2 – 27.3 – 30 degrees, H <10 – 12 m

Horizontal Steps 2

Step W: 1000-800-600 mm

Horizontal Steps 3

Step W: 1000-800-600 mm