Remote lift monitoring

Monitor your lift’s health

Minimize the potential downtime and decrease waiting periods.

Scale productivity: communicate effectively with your teammates and quickly define and solve errors.

Upgrade response times: save time and effort.
Be well prepared before the elevator’s site.


The appropriate indication lights up in these occurring events: fire, overweight, inspection,
open doors.


The bot device

The remote lift operation requires the doppler bot installed on the dlc1 board:

– connectivity through GSM, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi

– secure communication over the internet using transport layer security (TLS)

Always connected to the application, the modem continuously interacts, sending valuable information about the elevator status.

A typical scenario

This is how the remote lift monitoring application works.

  1. A fault occurs in the elevator. The lift sends a signal to the remote lift monitoring web application.
  2. The technician easily defines the error. Through the application wherever he is.
  3. Communicates efficiently with the control center and or doppler’s after-sales department to spot the solution. Then he easily prepares for fixing.
  4. The technician visits the lift site while he is already prepared to fix the error.