Ikos homelift series

Moving forward and home together.

A productive life belongs in a home that supports you. Where your rules apply and our expertise listens. This is our promise.

T⁄ 20 Solution

Stepping into your own home should feel like it. This is where your needs are met. Because, there, the world is designed according to your preferences. This is what drives us to long-lasting solutions that support freedom of movement and complement the whole family’s daily experience through efficiency achieved silently, manifesting serenity at home.

Max speed 0.15m/s

Min pit 190mm

Following 2006/42/EC and compliant with EN81–41

A class energy consumption


A culture of solutions that last and a drive for exquisite design find their optimal result in the Schema steel shaft. Contentment, safety, and ease for all.

Ikos series

Range of application