Passenger Lifts

A world of options in styles, materials, and shapes. Doppler offers you a wide range of finishes, colors, and textures to form a stylish yet functional elevator.

Glass, wood, inox, marble can surround a square, round, or polygon lift cabin rolling in a panoramic or conventional shaft. The elevator cabin is artwork in your interior.

Print a favorite painting or a family picture. Broadcast the images you love to watch on the TFT screen, listen to your favorite music, look yourself in a mirror of your choice, put on the lights you prefer. Create a unique piece of art.

Our cabin configurator helps you visualize your elevator. Visit our online tool to shape your lift cabin.

Cabin Designer

Choosing Doppler means flexibility.
A customized requirement is our expertise. We can respond to various functional, architectural, and performance demands.



Cabin designer. Shape the interior of your elevator with our online configurator.

Start design

Fine Engineering



Low pit & headroom solutions
Modular architecture
Easy and fast installation thanks to plugging and play design
Rides with low noise emission
Adjacent and through car entrances option
Conformity with standards: EN81-20/50, EN81-21 & EN81-1 EN81-20,
EN81-41, Directive 2006/42/EC
2 Years Warranty with the ability to extend

Respects Environment

The LEDs lighten the cabin, the motor is functioning by using inverter technology, and the sleep mode is enabled when the lift stays for a long time without serving.
This way, we reach the minor power consumption.
* Nominal demand per year for nominal values as
shown 343kWh.

DOPPLER power Indication

Takes care of the passengers

The doors open automatically, and when something is in the way while closing.
In an emergency, the elevator delivers the passengers to the closest floor (standard equipment) and opens its doors. The elevator is equipped with a telephone device always ready to call.
Offers floor access control using an authorized key or card.
Safety glasses, according to European safety standards, protect you and your kids. All materials used in the cabin are fire retardant certified.

Safe to breath and touch

Air Sterilizer.
It is a device built for cabin elevators that sterilizes the air you breathe, killing 99% germs and 99.76% influenza virus, using UV photocatalyst sterilization.

UV Antibacterial light.
It is a disinfection system that uses an UltraViolet (UV) lamp located in the elevator ceiling that efficiently sterilizes the surfaces at 99%.

Passenger elevator models

Range of application



0.63 – 1 m/s 300-1000Kg



0.15 – 0.63 m/s 250-630Kg

Elli Max


0.15 – 0.63 m/s 1500-3000Kg

Elli Max-S


0.15 m/s 1500-3000Kg

Eco 2i


1 – 1.6 m/s 300-2000Kg

Eco 2is


1m/s 300-1000Kg



1 – 2.5 m/s 300-1425Kg

Home Lifts

Ikos H10

Ikos H20

Ikos H20+

Ikos T20





0.15m/s 450Kg

0.15m/s 500Kg

0.15m/s 500Kg

0.15 m/s 500Kg