Smooth access
to the wildest landscape

Infinite solutions

Any size and shape. Doppler offers complete packages for residential, commercial, or industrial inclined lift solutions. We always involve analyzing site conditions, topography and other geotechnical data, local building codes, application type,

capacity needs, technical specifications, esthetic preferences, and more. Specially designed to meet the requirements for conveying passengers or loads, traveling along guide rails at an angle of 15-75° to horizontal.

Adaptable. Meets individual requirements.
Reliable. Our solution ensures safe and smooth transfer through levels, even in emergencies.
Comfortable. The cabin can be equipped with an air conditioning unit in both warm and cold climates.

Our inclined solution

Range of application


Capacity 400 Kg to 3000Kg

Compliant to EN81-22

Speed 0.5 m/s to 1.0 m/s

Up to 150m