Transform an old hydraulic elevator to
a new traction mrl.

Modernization gives new life to your old elevator.

ReNaissance is our customized approach to offer you a safe and reliable elevator, minimizing energy consumption, costs, and the need for repairs and disturbance.

It is ideal for low-rise to high-rise applications, ensuring the best possible elevation experience for the passengers.

One of the biggest concerns about modernization is disrupting normal buildings’ operation during installation. ReNaissance is a carefully designed approach to minimize the inconvenience of inhabitants.

Safe and legal

We ensure that the lift complies with the most modern safety regulations (EN 81-80 / Safety standards for Existing Lifts). In redesigning your elevator, we install a wide range of safety features to ensure that the system will be 100% safe.

Aesthetical upgrade

The unique cabin redesign adds value to the building and positively impacts all passengers. For DOPPLER, there are no limits to the imagination regarding design. We aspire to provide you with exceptional car design.

Green and sustainable

We incorporate environmentally friendly features into the manufacturing procedure, upgrading the energy-saving systems i.e. using the inverter drives for lift motors, which leads to lower energy consumption.

Ten signs that it’s time
to modernize

Does your elevator shows signs of age?

  • Frequent shutdowns
  • Doors malfunction
  • Rising repair costs
  • High electricity consumption
  • Out-of-date style
  • Imprecise floor leveling
  • Noise and vibration
  • Inaccessible to disabled
  • Long waiting times
  • Change of building’s usage

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