Remote Lift Monitoring Solution, IoT

January 20, 2021

The extensive use of technology augments the traditional maintenance, capturing data and insights that are not easily accessible with the existing systems. The sensor-based maintenance includes common sensors that are being used in a way that upgrades the effectiveness of the elevator maintenance.

DOPPLER’s Clients benefit from the IoT Remote Lift Monitoring Solution, an awarded solution from the Greek “Health & Safety Awards” in the category “Innovative Application of Systems or Technology for QHS”. This market proven solution, has been developed by DOPPLER software engineers, aiming to facilitate the processes and generate accountable results. It targets at the Elevator Installation and Maintenance Companies and the Facility Management Companies and is ideal for the technicians, the after sales services and the support teams.


Today’s challenge 

Elevator Service Companies visit the lift sites for both the scheduled maintenances and the unexpected occurring malfunctions. The purpose of this first visit at the premises is to identify the situation and the elevator’s failures, so a second visit is most of the times requisite in order for the problem to be solved.

  • An important factor to consider is that most of the Elevator Installation and Maintenance Companies have Clients in many areas, that may be geographically separated from one another.
  • Additionally, when the technician visits the lift site, he contacts either his own company team or the DOPPLER After Sales Department, struggling to describe the situation he has to deal with and recognize the fault information, via photos/videos and/or phone communication.

All the above factors cause an expanded danger, due to the multiple exposure at the premises, and require increased resources -time and cost-, which are charged to the company and its clients.

At the same time, the Covid sanitary crisis has had an important impact on our personal and business/professional life and has brought up the necessity of the surface contact avoidance. In an elevator, the landing and car operating panels are common surfaces that are being used by a plethora of passengers/tenants every day.


Technology used 

Guided by these market needs, DOPPLER developed the IoT Remote Lift Monitoring Solution, a device that offers the following capabilities:

  • Communication with the elevator board through RS232, enabling continuous extraction of information that are relevant to the actual operation status and the scheduled parameters
  • Collecting and forwarding the board data to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone in real time.

The IoT RLMS is an electronic device installed on the elevator board, allowing the remote monitoring of the elevator via serial communication. The communication is being established by GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet and is insured with safety certificates.

The monitoring is being completed by a web software, that was developed by DOPPLER software engineers especially for this reason. Whenever a fault occurs, the device sends a signal to the software application, and a notification with additional details is being visualized on the screen.


Installation options

The Remote Lift Monitoring Device can be used in the following ways:

  • As an after sales service tool, the device is being installed by the technician when he visits the lift, enabling the direct communication with the DOPPLER after sales department in a faster and more accurate way. In this scenario, the IoT device is not permanently installed on the board, but it is placed just for a limited time.
  • As a permanent monitoring device, it is installed on the elevator board allowing a continuous connection with the control center of the Installation Company or the Facility Manager of the building. In this case, the control center communicates directly with the elevator and monitors its operation status and/or any occurring faults.
  • As a monitoring device in connection with DOPPLER’s cloud service center, it is permanently installed on the elevator board. In this case, both the control center of the Installation Company and the DOPPLER after sales service department have a continuous and direct communication with the elevator, monitoring its operation status and any faults occurred. When required, the DOPPLER after sales department offers consulting services.

Additionally, DOPPLER monitoring software keeps statistic data of the operation, facilitating the creation of an effective maintenance plan. These data can also indicate the replacement of the spare parts that have exceeded their usage limit.

  • Communication with the elevator through a mobile phone connected to the dedicated DOPPLER app. In this case, the user can see the COP in his screen, watch the operation status and call the elevator remotely. This feature can be offered to the tenants of the building who use the elevator as a Hygiene solution, so they could avoid any surface contact in the lift.


The Benefits for the stakeholders

With the IoT RLMS, the benefits for the Installation and Maintenance Company are significant:

  • It helps to reduce the required lift visits, since it eliminates the need of an identification visit.
  • It reduces the visit time, since the technician can now be well prepared to solve the problem, prior the visit at the premises.
  • It offers an upgraded communication with DOPPLER After Sales Department, as both companies can see the application’s screen and identify the same problem
  • It contributes to the maintenance transparency
  • It offers valid data for operational planning and decision making procedures
  • It allows the remote calling of the lift
  • It is a customized solution, offering an ongoing development

The Building Owners and the Building Managers could also benefit from the usage of the RLMS:

  • Immediate access in information and data
  • Real-time monitoring of all the equipment status across sites
  • Alignment of the costs with their customer needs and their business plans
  • Improvement of the passenger experience with reduced unplanned elevator downtime
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Savings generation and reduced overheads

Consequently, the RLMS boosts company’s productivity and efficiency, increases the safety and the availability of the lift and upgrades the tenant experience.


What’s next?

The elevator maintenance industry is changing dynamics and the IoT technology is gaining ground day by day. Their combination offers significant advantages over the traditional methods. Using the IoT technology in a human-centric way is DOPPLER’s priority and motivation for an ongoing development.