• Globus Mall
  • Globus Mall
  • Globus Mall
  • Globus Mall
  • Globus Mall
  • Globus Mall
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

Globus shopping center is one of the most interesting architectural projects.
The inside of the shopping store is equally impressive: with several floors of shopping space, glass doors, escalators, cafes, bars and restaurants, it is one of the chicest and trendiest destinations in Kiev.
The center’s mission is to offer customers current, in-season merchandise and frequent new arrivals.
The names of world-leading collections and selections are constantly changing, but one thing remains the same – the pleasant atmosphere and high standards of service.

Project info
  • July 21, 2016Date:
  • Elevators, Panoramic LiftsCategories:


Elevator Model: Panoramic Lift
No of Elevators: 2
No of Stops: 3
Capacity: 630kg
Car Speed: 0.53m/s
Travel: 7500mm