Public areas

Passengers Lifts

Create a unique statement of style. Your lift follows the interior design.

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Car Lifts

The heavyweight choice. Convenience in moving or being served.

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Inclined Lifts

Smooth access to the wildest landscape. Infinite solutions.

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Platform Lifts

The excellent solution for the load liftings of a building.

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Service Lifts

The goods or beverages were never so accessible. Enhance productivity and quality of your service.

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Accessibility Lifts

Serve the wheelchair users who want to make straight indoor and outdoor staircases accessible.

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Minimize the distances, create visual bridges. People flow quickly, comfortably, and safely.

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Satisfy the most demanding horizontal or inclined transportation requirements.

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Parking Lifts

Earn extra parking space, vertical or horizontal, in high traffic buildings.

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Cabin designer. Shape the interior of your elevator with our online configurator.

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Fitting perfectly

DOPPLER features in the global market for the enormous flexibility in elevator manufacturing. Rely on us for a new or an existing building. Our experts will provide you with a solution that fulfills your demands.

Energy efficient

Being sustainable is a factor everyone takes seriously nowadays. Traction motors, led lights, regenerative drive, and sleep mode operation are the features of an elevator that respects the residents and the environment.

Meet standards

DOPPLER’s vertical transportation systems conform and are certified to the EN81-20/50, EN81-21 & EN81-1 EN81-20, EN81-41, Directive 2006/42/EC, ISO 9001 lift standards for design and manufacture.