Mr. Stavropoulos among the leaders in elevator industry

June 10, 2023

The elevator industry is built on dedicated, hard-working people and their stories, ideas, opinions, contributions, and success. That’s why the June 2023 issue of ELEVATOR WORLD was all about people who help shape our great industry. Mr. Stavropoulos is one of them.

The publication

Stavros Stavropoulos entered the lift industry in 1982 after graduating as a shipbuilding marine engineer from the National Technical University of Athens. He founded his first company in 1991 and then Doppler in 2000 in Polykastro, Greece. The company launched its first branch in Athens in 2001, which also saw the first Doppler panoramic lift construction. The company’s global expansion followed this in Cyprus, Germany, and the U.A.E. In 2023, the company celebrates a new showroom and offices in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has an established presence in 90 countries with more than 200 partners and 20,000-plus installed lifts worldwide. He has “covered the void” with options like the rooftop lift and the inclined and 60tn platform lifts. Since he always champions engineering excellence and has committed himself to technological innovation as a bespoke solutions provider, his greatest achievement is establishing the company in manufacturing different, complete lift packages, leading to successful global exportation and expansion.”
As CEO, Stavropoulos spends his time maximizing the value of the businesses and is an active decision-maker. He is actively involved in R&D, researching products and
integrated elevator solutions. He makes decisions about new product lines, generating and maintaining competitive advantages, potential new markets, and mitigating risks, among many others. He also introduced a new technique of manufacturing modernization, the patented ReNaissance method, that transforms any hydraulic lift into a contemporary traction machine room-less elevator with minimum energy consumption, disturbance, and cost. Stavropoulos said: “Having built something from scratch, seeing it grow, designing new products, and establishing a global client portfolio makes me proud of my and Doppler’s paths. Since we have proven ourselves in  technological innovation, whenever someone thinks of Doppler, they think: of ‘solution, adaptability, and responsiveness.’ That always was and remains the ultimate goal.”