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City: Athens
Country: Greece

Massimo Dutti is an Italian clothes manufacturing company, founded in 1985.
Despite the Italian name, it is a wholly Spanish company. It has over 831 stores in more than 73 countries.
The brand was originally aimed at men’s fashion, until 1995 when women’s fashion was also launched.
It provides a well-edited selection of styles for every occasion, having the mission to get to know new markets and ways of life on both personal and professional level.

Project info
  • July 21, 2016Date:
  • Elevators, Panoramic Lifts, Passenger LiftsCategories:


Elevator Model: Hydraulic Panoramic
No of Elevators: 1
No of Stops: 3
Capacity: 600kg
Car Speed: 0.64m/s
Travel: 7600mm