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Our elevators are manufactured to handle and adjust to special needs, without losing their uniqueness.

High aesthetics meet even highest efficiency, which makes them able to operate in heavy, daily use and extreme climate conditions.
These elevators are specifically designed to facilitate mobility and accessibility in urban settings such as: airports, metro stations, or exterior spaces with unique topography.

Elevators for public spaces and exteriors are intended to function with maximum reliability, efficiency, and durability, providing also access to people with mobility difficulties and increased transportation comfort.

Models & Specs

Proposed Cabins


Akvatoria Residential Complex

18 luxury elevators in Gelendzhik, Russia.

Traction MRL
Load 1000Kg
Stops: 16
Speed: 1.60m/s
Travel: 39200mm – 61020mm

Astana Ramada Plaza

A 5-star hotel build specifically for EXPO 2017 which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Special features on the lifts including: Monitors, cameras inside the cabin and online elevator control system.

Traction MR VVVF
Load 1000Kg
Stops: 17
Speed: 2.50m/s
Travel: 67800mm

Maersk Reacher Oil Rig

Reference Site Address: Black Sea
Notified Body: ABS Rotterdam (Shipboard Elevator Certificate)
End Client: Maersk

Hydraulic MRL
Load 1250Kg
Stops: 5
Speed: 0.63m/s
Travel: 12800mm

Pedestrian Bridges

Special features including: special Weather conditions materials, Inox 316 grade, galvanized metal parts, IP54 electrical equipment

Traction Eco 2i
Acting 2:1
Stops: 2
Speed: 1m/s & 0,6m/s
Load: 630kg / 1250kg / 2000kg
Travel: 7350mm – 12000mm

Residence Villa

Full circle panoramic cabin

Hydraulic HAI (Piston underneath)
Load 450Kg
Stops: 2
Speed: 0.60m/s
Travel: 4950mm

Sligro Hypermarket

Special features including: Panoramic cabin with 3 glass sides, Doors Meiller TTK/S 28 glass with inox frames, Steel Shaft with Panoramic view

Traction Eco 2i
Acting 2:1
Load 2500Kg
Stops: 2
Speed: 0.80m/s
Travel: 4500mm – 5500mm
Motor Ziehl Abegg

Soluxe Club

Panoramic elevator with special features, in one of the most luxurious restaurants of Moscow, Russia.

Hydraulic MRL
Load 850Kg
Stops: 2
Speed: 0.50m/s
Travel: 2920mm

Trafalgar Square

Reference Site Address: Trafalgar Square, London
End Client: Municipality of London

Platform Lift
Load 630Kg
Stops: 2
Speed: 0.15m/s
Travel: 2780mm