in Parking Systems

DCS-2D/4P is a variation of DCS-2D which offers lower price and complete cover under the runways to protect your vehicle.

It doubles the available parking space and is suitable for office or residential buildings, car dealers or rental areas and parking buildings.

No pit is required.



H1 (mm) 1.840
H2 (mm) 5.540
H3 (mm) 4.154

Lifting Capacity 3.600kg
Equipment Weight 790kg
Electrical Required 220-420V, 1 or 3Phase, 50/60Hz
Lock Device Dynamic
Lock Release Manual
Operation Button + Handle
Power Pack 2.2 kW Hydraulic Power Pump
Lifting/Lowing Time 50/45 sec.
Metal Processing Laser Cutting & Robot Welding
Finishing Powder Coating