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The reference of DOPPLER’s extraordinary projects continues, presenting the project ‘Bentley Continental’ in Kuwait.

This Doppler car lift was installed in the showroom of the official Bentley dealership by KHALID AND HAZEM. Offering a range of manufacturer approved vehicles and services, Bentley aims at maintaining the power and performance of its vehicles.

The construction of the Doppler car lift was thought out to the smallest detail in order to facilitate the continuously transporting of every vehicle with outmost safety, ensuring their safe entrance and exit of this. Traffic lights, central position parking system and remote control are some of the basic characteristics of this car lift.

Below you will find the technical specifications:
•Elevator Model Hydro HAD
•No of Elevators: 1
•No of Stops: 2
•Capacity: 4500kg
•Car Speed: 0.3m/s
•Travel: 6160mm

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