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Situated in one of the main streets of Abu Dhabi, Al Salama hospital, is a multi specialty medical center. It is considered as one of the leading hospital in the city that provides affordable and quality health care to all patients.

Doppler was chosen to provide 2 lifts that are subject to strict statutory regulations in order to ensure the safe transportation of patients, medical staff, visitors, bulky beds, wheelchairs and heavy medical equipment.

The sophisticated elegance is reflected in these extremely impressive lifts of our Prestige Series. The gold stainless steel finishes make the cabins to stand out!

Al Salama Hospital is committed to respond to all demanding needs of medical facilities. Doppler hospital lifts meet the highest expectations and all these requirements to the maximum, having extensive use daily throughout the day and the night.

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the Doppler lifts that were installed by G.I.TECH.

  • Capacity: 1200 kg
  • No of Passengers: 16
  • Car speed: 1.6 m/ s
  • No of Stops: 20
  • Travel: 66500mm

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