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This Month Doppler is proud to present you the Project Shikara Restaurant in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Flamouropoulos, the Executive Director of BuildingTec Elevators, reveals more information about this project…

Shikara Restaurant is a unique Indian dining experience in Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia. Beneath the layers of subtle, intricate flavors. Therein lies the fascinating legend behind Shikara’s every dish. Crafted by artisan chefs and inspired by India’s long, illustrious history, the authentically prepared Indian cuisine is available within a sleek restaurant interior.

BuildingTec mission was to find a solution to fit an elevator without a shaft, pit or headroom without damaging any of the sleek restaurant interior.

The answer to this unique engineering and architecture problem came by DOPPLER S.A who supplied their New Model FOCUS. DOPPLER’S promotional campaign for this new product came to the right moment!!

A FOCUS LPH with these characteristics installed in this unique Restaurant
• Capacity: 450 Kg
• Pit: 300 mm
• Headroom: 2750 mm
• 2 Stops in 90 degrees
• Aluminum Structure’

                                                          fully satisfying customer requirements.