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Shah Amanat International Airport is the second-largest international airport in Bangladesh, serving the southeastern port city of Chittagong. Chittagong, the largest sea-port and the second largest city in Bangladesh accommodating approximately 3 million people, is an important economic centre of the country.

DOPPLER was chosen in order to facilitate the transportation of people and contribute to the airport aesthetic by providing a unique square panoramic lift. A Traction FOCUS LH was successfully installed by ‘Tahsinko’ with these features:

•Capacity: 450 kg
•No of passengers: 6
•Car speed: 1m/s
•Stops: 2 stops
•Travel: 5500 mm

The transparency of the glass provides the environment light and elegance while giving a great prestige to the airport. The beauty in architecture and furnishing of the building is amazing. Tiles, fixtures, counters, furniture, equipment installed in the building are all imported and new, and are of state of the art design.

DOPPLER Panoramic lift was the right choice to integrate with the different architectural tensions of surroundings. All passengers have a pleasant and delightful transportation. Enjoy this project!

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