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Doppler Lifts incorporate excellent quality, safety, comfort and style in every case. This month, a complete lift of our Forest series was installed in MAI TAI BOUTIQUE Hotel. The perfect combination of horizontal wood panels with stainless steel details and artificial granite of this cabin creates a warm and familiar composition which is ideal for hotels. Following, the President and CEO of Hasimaj Elevator Co., Mr. Panajot Hasimaj informs us further about this unique project…

‘Hasimaj Elevator Company has installed a Hydraulic Elevator in MAI TAI BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Tirana, the capital city of Albania.

MAI – TAI BOUTIQUE HOTEL offers everything that a customer needs to relax and to have a wonderful time. It is a perfect place to stay for holidays enjoying the outdoor pool, the delicious food in the restaurant and also to have business meetings or conferences in conference rooms.

The building is with 4 floors with Alpine style architecture and the choice for the elevator was a DOPPLER Hydraulic Elevator with these characteristics:

• Type of lift: Hydro HAI MR
• Capacity: 375kg
• No of Passengers: 5 passengers
• No of stops: 4 stops
• Car speed: 0.63m/s
• Travel: 10.050mm’

Enjoy this Doppler project in our neighboring country!