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This month, we are proud to present the project ‘La Quadra shopping mall’ in Ecuador, in which three DOPPLER elegant lifts were installed, providing a unique aesthetic to the mall. Two classic but at the same time modern inox lifts and one square panoramic were chosen in order to ensure the safe and smooth transportation of visitors. Following, the Marketing Manager of VYM Ascensores, Mrs. Veronica Yepez gives us more information about this stylish project…

‘La Quadra is a shopping mall in the coast of Ecuador. It is strategically located in the center of Manta and it has view to the ocean.

The mall has three floors, more than 60 stores, several banks, a food court and many cuisine restaurants.  Manta was hit by an earthquake 3 years ago. Since then, the city has come back stronger and is in constant growth.

Due to the earthquake, the three DOPPLER lifts that were installed in the mall include anti earthquake securities, are fire resistant and are made with the top of the nudge materials.  Doppler’s products are able to adapt to the various situations due to their competitive advantage of providing fully customized solutions.

VYM Ascensores which are distributors and representatives of DOPPLER in Ecuador did a great job in the installation of these lifts. The mall was inaugurated at the beginning of the month, so if you are ever in Ecuador, go visit la Quadra and take a ride in one of our lifts.

Below, there are the technical specifications

1 Traction Focus LH                                                       1 Traction Focus LH
Capacity: 550kg                                                               Capacity: 630kg
No of passengers: 8                                                         No of Passengers: 8
Car speed: 1 m/s                                                             Car speed: 1m/s
Travel: 11200mm                                                             Travel: 5600mm
No of stops: 3                                                                   No of stops: 2

1 Traction Focus LH
Capacity: 800kg
No of passengers: 11
Car speed: 1m/s
Travel: 11200mm
No of stops: 3

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