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This Month DOPPLER is proud to present the project in AL QUDS OPEN UNIVERSITY, in Salfeet City Palestine. Our main goal is to provide innovative and advanced services in order to serve the needs of our client. High aesthetics meet even highest efficiency! Mr. Mahmoud Asmar, the Owner of Reflex Co, presents the entire project by describing it in detail…

‘ALQUDS Open University is a Palestinian University spread out in all Palestinian cities. ALQUDS is the Arabic Name of JERUSALEM, the historical capital of Palestine.

In 2015 was the first Four ECO2i of 1000 kg, 1.6 m/s, 2 stops, 5 stops, 7 stops and 7 stops DOPPLER lifts installed in the University in its Branch in Nablus city. In 2016 one more DOPPLER lift ECO 2i of 1000 kg, 1.6 m/s 4 tops was added to the same branch and the same year another ECO2i of 1000 kg, 1.6 m/s, 6 stops had been installed in QALQILYA city Branch.

In 2017 and before Christmas Holidays on 24th December, the attached project pictures was handed over and start the first Running of lifts in SALFEET city Branch. The two most Luxurious ECO 2i of 1000 kg, 1.6 m/s, 4 stops DOPPLER simplex lifts installed in the Palestinian market. The car wall was from Stainless steel Etched mirror type. The lifts were the most luxurious lift equipped with latest technology for energy saving and ride comfort.

The administration of the University is willing to put DOPPLER lifts in their future projects in RAMALLAH city branch and in other cities because they are fully confident with DOPPLER lifts and their partner in Palestine REFLEX Electromechanical & Trade Co.’