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This Month’s Doppler Project will travel us in one of the biggest shopping malls in the Balkans, in Abi-Çarshia in Kosovo. This landmark was included in the beautiful and historic city of Prizren in the spring of last year. DOPPLER was chosen in order to design and provide this luxurious shopping mall with four lifts, two escalators and one dumbwaiter. Following, the CEO of Design Lifts Mr. Beqir Krasniki and the Sales Manager Mr. Arianit Kuqi, inform us more about this amazing project…

‘Abi-Çarshia is the only open-air shopping center in the Balkans where all visitors can enjoy the advantages of spacious and open space and walk through the shops and the mall. It is considered to be the biggest investment in Prizren and also one of the biggest in Kosovo.

Offering more than 80 worldwide brands of clothing, makeup, accessories and many superior quality products and services, it reflects the demands and needs of every generation. The wide variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, makes this mall first destination option for visitors of all ages. Meeting the expectations of all tastes and budgets, it offers a unique experience to every visitor.

For the better service and convenience of visitors, we chose Doppler to contribute to this unique project by providing the best lift solutions while at the same time the most elegant!’

Below, there are the technical specifications:

Type of Lift: ECO Iii Traction                               Type of Lift: FOCUS LH Traction
No of Lifts: 1                                                        No of Lifts: 3
Capacity: 630 kg                                                 Capacity: 1000 kg
Speed: 1.00 m/s                                                  Speed: 1.00 m/s
Travel: 5000mm                                                  Travel: 8500 mm
No of stops: 2                                                      No of stops: 3
No of passengers: 8                                            No of passengers: 3

Dumbwaiter                                                         Escalators
Capacity: 100kg                                                  No of escalators: 2
Speed: 0.5 m/s                                                   Steps: 800
Travel: 5000mm                                                  Height: 5000 mm
No of stops: 2                                                      Length: 12000 mm

Doppler and Design Lifts will continue to carry out extraordinary projects!

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