Elevators tailored to your every maritime need!

Tailor made maritime solutions for vertical transportation is our speciality.

Doppler’s highly customized products cater to cruise ships, cargo ships, ferries, luxurious yachts and offshore rigs since they are the ideal solution for the transportation of passengers and goods. Emphasizing in flexibility, reliability and durability, our products are fully designed for unique requirements and characteristics for marine environments, ensuring their safe use and operation.

A wide variety of high quality materials such as stainless steel, glass, laminate, epoxy are available in order to create a cabin that will meet the aesthetic standards of your project, fulfilling any unique design request!

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We also provide solutions for marines. Robotic Boat Parking systems fully designed to give you safe mooring in every weather condition and repair and maintenance zones. This is the first time that you do not need to worry about your boat at the winter.