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RECO+ (Kinetic Energy Recovering System)

DOPPLER proudly introduces RECO+ which converts the wasted energy into electricity.
RECO+ differs from other energy saving systems since it doesn’t feed the recovered energy back to the electric grid but it saves it into supercapacitors in order to use it to the next cabin’s movement.


RECO+ exploits the power which is dissipated as wasted heat in the environment. Thus, it significantly reduces energy demand by succeeding energy saving up to 70% in comparison with a conventional traction elevator.


The reduction in electric consumption constitutes a cost-efficient solution since it leads to lower electricity costs.


RECO+ upgrades the safety level of moving passengers by embodying the automatic emergency operation.
The system is equipped with an internal controller, which secures that the required energy will be always available for passengers’ evacuation in case of power failure.