in Parking Systems

DCS – 2D/2P doubles the available parking space and is suitable for both enterprise and residential buildings, car dealers, rental areas and parking buildings where the long-term parking goes on the platform and the short-term parking on the space below.

It features hydraulic direct drive with multi-stage cylinder. No pit is necessary.

DCS-2D/2P is also available in multi version where it requires n+1 posts for 2*n parking spaces with an additional cost reduction, because two neighbor systems can share the same post (column).


H1 (mm) 1.408
H2 (mm) 2.100
H3 (mm) 1.865

Lifting Capacity 2.700kg
Equipment Weight 1.100kg
Lifting Height 2.100mm
Usable Platform Width 2.100mm
Electrical Required 220-420V, 1 or 3Phase, 50/60Hz
Control Power 24v
Lock Device Dynamic
Lock Release Electric Auto Release
Operation Key Switch
Power Pack 2.2 kW Hydraulic Power Pump
Lifting/Lowing Time 50/45 sec.
Finishing Powder Coating