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Doppler is pleased to announce that contributed to the renovation of Valletta Market back to its old glory by supplying elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters. This project is just another great success increasing the trust in our brand name. Following, the Lifts Manager of Titan International Ltd, Steve Vella describes the whole project from the beginning to its completion sharing with us all the little secrets…

‘Arkadia Marketing Ltd is a leading fashion, home, and food retailer owned by the Mizzi Organisation. The company was established in 1996 to develop Arkadia Commercial Centre in Victoria, Gozo. Throughout the year the company has evolved into a major retailer with a presence in several main shopping destinations.

“Is-Suq tal-Belt” is situated in the capital city of Malta, Valletta and goes back to the era of the order of St. John. Plans by the British, to reconstruct a covered market began in 1845. The Market was finally built between the 1859 and 1861 under the direction of the Maltese Architect, Emanuele Luigi Galea

The Arkadia Group invested EUR 14 million euro in the regeneration after being granted a 65 year-long lease by the Parliament, which had unanimously approved the project in 2016. The architect behind the refurbished design is professor Marco Casamonti who was also responsible for the similar San Lorenzo Market in Florence

The vertical transportation package was awarded to Titan International Ltd, the only authorized agent for DOPPLER S.A in Malta. The market setup required 2 in. no Main Panoramic Glass lifts & 2 escalators for the use of the public, 2 Goods/Passenger lifts and 6 in no dumbwaiters for the back of house. The installation of these units was completed during a very tight schedule between October and December in 2017.

All the units especially the Panoramic lifts, escalators and the Goods lifts were specifically painted in RAL Akzonobel Mars 2525 sable’ TX355F, the specific theme colour chosen by the design architect. This colour is also noticeable all over the market interior, including bars, food stalls, railings and shutters.

From the design point of view, the major challenge of this project was the transparency level required by the Architect for the panoramic lifts. The panoramic lifts are situated few metres behind the building entrance, thus if the shafts, theoretically, were to be constructed in solid material, would had severely impeded the view of the building interior iron 19th century atrium.

Together with Doppler`s specialized Engineers, solutions were found to satisfy the Architect`s crave. Mayor alterations to the standard design included under driven frameless doors, glass edged cabin without perimeter frames, full glass seamless walls and longer distance between lift brackets.
The final design of these units inside the glass structures is exceptional.’