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The reference of outstanding DOPPLER projects continues this month as well! The Technical Director of Elevators Ltd, Mr. John Brown, describes below this elegant and high specification project…

The location of this luxurious private residence is set within the highly prestigious area of West London at 18 Hyde Park Square.

Doppler was chosen as it was the only option that could meet the demanding requirements of this project. The high specification of this lift was that all elements should be enclosed into a glass shaft.

In addition, all these elements of the lift had to be as visually appealing as possible, though not all components are visible to the eye around the first floor.

Elevators Ltd & Doppler achieved it through working hand-in-hand with the architect.

Technical Specifications

  • Type of lift: Traction Focus LW
  • Capacity: 400kg
  • Car speed: 1.0 m/s
  • No of passengers: 5
  • No of Stops: 6
  • Travel: 15290mm

As you can see of the photos, this Doppler lift was designed to stand out!

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