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This month, we have a special project for you!

Life Health Glynwood is a private hospital in Benoni, which is situated on the East Rand in the South African province of Gauteng. 3 Doppler hospital lifts were installed there by Jessen Pty, providing excellent performance in this highly demanding environment.

These lifts are extensively recognized for their features such as smooth & comfortable travel, reliability and modern design. Below, you will find the technical specifications:

Type: Traction ECO lli
Number of lifts: 2
Capacity: 2100 kg
Passengers: 28
Car speed: 1m/s
Stops: 5
Travel: 16190mm

Type: Traction ECO lli
Number of lifts: 1
Capacity: 1050kg
Passengers: 14
Car speed: 1m/s
Stops: 5
Travel: 16171 mm

In this hospital, everyone can find the best care, at the best facility at the right time! Doppler lifts are subject to strict statutory regulations and are specially designed according to the shapes and sizes of hospital stretchers and wheelchairs, meeting the needs of the medical facilities.

Enjoy this project!

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