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Welcoming summer with a remarkable inclined lift in Skopelos, Greece!

The Adrina Hotel is situated in the wonderful island of Skopelos, only few steps away from the beach. We are pleased to be part of one of the most luxurious and professional resorts of the Aegean sea, providing an excellent riding comfort to the guests.

The purpose of Doppler’s inclined lift was to provide accessibility to all people including passengers with mobility disabilities, facilitating the entry to the entire hotel area.

As you already know, DOPPLER specializes in the customized design and manufacturing of inclined lifts according to EN 81-22:2014, offering a useful alternative to traditional lift systems.

Below there are the technical specifications:

•Elevator Model: Inclined lift
•No of Elevators: 1
•No of Stops: 6
•Capacity: 400kg
•Car Speed: 1.00m/s

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