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The reference of the best DOPPLER projects continues this month as well, presenting the project ‘RAFIDYA Governmental Hospital’. As you already know, Doppler Hospital Lifts are specially designed to provide efficient transfer, high functionality and excellent riding comfort, meeting the demanding needs of medical facilities. The owner of Reflex Co., Mr. Mahmoud Asmar will give us more details below for this project:

‘Rafidya hospital is the second Governmental hospital in the northern part of Palestinian West Bank. It was founded in the early 1970s of the last century and is considered as the biggest and most central governmental hospital in the northern region.

The Doppler lift, which was installed for the new emergency center, was a Traction ECO 2i with these specifications:

Capacity: 1600 kg

No of passengers: 21

No of stops: 3

Travel: 7750 mm

Car speed: 1m/s   ‘

The combination of the inox panels and the starlight granite white & black creates an impressive result!

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