DOPPLER Lift Hygiene Solutions for safe and clean elevators

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DOPPLER Lift Hygiene Solutions for safe and clean elevators

As the world tries to keep moving fighting lockdowns, and creating an environment where safety and health are steady against infections, DOPPLER aims to help people keep enjoying the comfort our vertical transportation systems provide.

Caring about you, we developed these hygiene and well-being solutions, ensuring technicians and final clients are protected from viruses, bacteria molds, and fungi.

Safe to touch, clean to breathe

DOPPLER wants to provide a safe to touch and breathe lift environment as well. Thus we equip our lifts with air and surface cleaners that sanitize them from any kind of dangerous to face factors:
AIR Sterilizer is a device built exactly for elevators and closed spaces, sterilizes the air you breathe killing 99% of germs and 99.76% influenza virus, using UV photocatalyst sterilization.

The AIR STERILIZER has also a smart eye detected when people are in the cabin, to immediately start working. Finally, the delayed shutdown function will continue to disinfect for a period of time after a person leaves the elevator.

Side or roof mounting.

Antibacterial light
 is a disinfection system using an UltraViolet (UV)  lamp, located in the elevator ceiling, that sterilizes the surfaces efficiently at 99%.

Clever enough to understand an unmanned cabin. With multiple working modes and customizable anti-virus cycles.

  • This UV Antibacterial lamb is remote controlled and suitable for commercial and residential elevators.


Contactless Operation

Make a lift call with a light hand gesture to the button.


Able to operate as a Landing or Cabin Operating panel. High end, stylish yet hygienic, the touchless buttons are the latest trend in elevators technology.


Doppler Calling Lift From MobileCall it on your mobile. The DOPPLER Mobile Lift Call is a no-touch lift call application. Using it on mobile, the residents of a building can call the lift without touching any button in COP or LOP. A hygiene medium that prevents people from infection and helps reduce virus spread. 

*Soon to be launched



The DOPPLER Remote Monitoring Solution


with DOPPLER IoT Device


is a web-based software tool that enables installers and technicians to have remote control of the lift by a desktop PC, tablet, or mobile.

The IoT Device communicates through a serial interface with the DOPPLER main controller board, transacting continuously operational info, related to the operational status and programmed parameters.

With IoT Device installed, a parameter failure on a DOPPLER Lift can be easily defined by the web application the IoT device provides.

This means that using this application, you can be well prepared about the failure by your office. No need to visit the lift to diagnose errors, you can now fix it immediately at a single visit. At the same time, we help you to eliminate the time of your stay, decreasing this way the possibility of infection.  

We also work on this application to provide you with operational insights that are useful to shape the maintenance and repair lift strategy. A feature soon to be launched.


The DLC Board Errors with every detail.

The Remote Monitoring Solution accessible from mobile devices


With our thought that people coming first, DOPPLER Hygiene Lift Solutions means for you that you can keep moving safely, healthy, and prevent virus spread.

We are all in this together!