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DOPPLER is honored to announce that the project “Maersk Oil Rig” won the 1st place in the contest “Project of the Year 2017”, in the category “Special purpose lifts”, organized by “Elevator World” magazine. It is of great importance for us, since for the specific project there was a thorough study due to the uniqueness of its requirements.

The timeline of the project

Maersk Drilling Company is a global oil and gas production by providing drilling services to oil companies around the world. The head offices are placed in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, the company has offices in eleven countries around the globe.

The Maersk offices placed in Rotterdam, Holland, invited DOPPLER S.A. to carry out a survey of the feasibility of manufacturing an accommodation lift on Maersk Resolut Oil Rig. A Passenger lift was required for the transportation of bed linen and other goods, between the laundry rooms and the rig’s cabins. After extensive research from our company’s departments, the elevator we produced was a 630kg/8 persons lift enclosed in an Elevator Trunk Structure, complying with authority rules and regulations.

Once the specification received the first challenge was to find a lift manufacturer that we LSSW could work closely with to get the correct solution. This lift was the first to be added to an existing oil rig which would be towed to the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Since it was a special project with unique requirements and characteristics, many months were spent by our technical director and others making sure the design was correct. This meant many trips to lift shaft fabricator and submitting various technical documents to ABS in London.

Once the lift had approval for manufacture and delivery times were set, the delivery of both lift and labour was planned since the lift was coming direct from Greece to Holland and the work force from UK LSSW.

Some of the special characteristics of the specific project were the car frame and hydraulics, which were made of steel, galvanized metallic parts and Biodegradable oil, the electrical system with its unique specifications, the cabin specs, the doors and many other the security functions.

Please click the picture below to view the article of the magazine “Elevator World” issue of January 2017.

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