Corporate Social Responsibility is for DOPPLER a very crucial part not only of its activities, but also of its strategic planning. The company, as an integral part of the society, affects and is directly affected by the standards of the times

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means the maximum satisfaction of all involved parties (clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, local communities), with particular emphasis on the reduction of social exclusion, the equal opportunities policy in employment and the development of mutual trust with local communities. Moreover, taking into consideration the nature of the company’s activities, special attention is given in the areas of safety and environmental protection.

With respect to corporate growth and social responsibility we perform actions concerning all the sectors of Corporate Social Responsibility. For instance, we are highly concerned about the improvement of our workplaces, the development of trust and cooperation with our exterior environment, as well as the preservation and protection of the natural environment. As upper goal of our actions, we want to apply only the best practices for our customers, our suppliers and society.


The economic growth of a company must simultaneously ensure the protection of the natural environment and for that reason DOPPLER conducts all its business activities aiming to minimize any environmental impact.

As part of our commitment for continuously reduction of DOPLLER’s impact from its operation, we set continuous goals for improvement, we monitor and measure our environmental performance, and we apply actions of environmental management such as energy saving programs and recycling programs.

More specifically, with respect to the environment, we apply various recycling programs. Every recyclable solid waste deriving from the operation of the plant, such as aluminum materials, is transported for recycle to our collaborating companies. Moreover, we cater for the management of our liquid waste, which are subject to organic cleaning. By that means, we reduce our waste and we save natural resources.

Social actions

In DOPPLER we support and promote social and benevolent actions. One of our goals is to encourage our employees to participate in any action that supports philanthropic causes.

Blood donation

The company shows great sensitivity in its employees’ and their family’s health matters. For that reason, DOPPLER, organizes once a year a “blood donation day”. The purpose of that day is not only to attract new blood donors, but also to encourage the existing ones to donate more frequently. We also aim to minimize peoples’ fear of the blood donation and clarify that it is a simple and short procedure but extremely important. Following up this cause, we created the “DOPPLER Blood Bank” which collects supplies for our employees and their families in case of emergency.

Cooperation with KETHEA

In DOPPLER we cooperate with KETHEA for all of our corporate printings. KETHEA is a therapy center for individuals addicted to substances and KETHEA- Design Color is its graphic arts company. Some of its main goals is to provide professional education and specialization to those people who are no longer addicted and trying to be reincorporated in the society. Thus, in the light of its’ social nature, we assign to KETHEA the printing and bookbinding of our corporate printed material.

Quality and Safety at workplaces

One of our main objectives in DOPPLER is the health and safety of our workers. We have set as primary goal to eliminate any possible accidents mainly in the factory. Moreover, we care about the maintenance of high rates concerning health and safety to all our business units, which derive from the implementation of action plans and improvement of the working conditions.

What is more, we constantly work on the amelioration of our Health and Safety Management System with the active participation of our workers being necessary. Additionally, there is an ongoing effort to upgrade the level of the means of fire safety and protection, with continuous staff training in their use.

Some additional actions related to the workforce of the company is the recruitment of staff from the surrounding areas, in order to strengthen the local economy and provide solutions to the unemployment of region. Additionally we provide internships for undergraduate students of Technological Educational Institute (TEI), positions for training by the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) in apprenticeship programs, we accept visits by schoolchildren and universities, and we participate in career days organized by university institutions.